Friday, July 16, 2021

Adobe Experience Platform Query Service Video Demo

In this post, I want to share a demo I created working for the Adobe Experience Platform Query Service product team. The target audience are primarily pre-sales and account teams but anyone can use it get a general understanding of how Query Service connects with external tools. Below is what I worked on to create this demo:

  • Identified a common telecom sector customer churn use case
  • Ingested online/offline data into Adobe Experience Platform using AWS S3
  • Mapped the incoming data files to relevant schemas and datasets
  • Used SQL to combine those datasets into one common dataset using a CTAS query
  • Created a simple churn analysis dashboard using Tableau and connected it to Query Service using PostgreSQL. 
    • Here's a link to it. Please note that the dashboard will not populate (due to AEP access requirements) but you can look at the general structure and fields being used.

Adobe Experience Platform Query Service is a powerful serverless tool that allows brands to analyze online-to-offline customer journeys and understand omnichannel attribution. Query service also allows you to join any dataset in the AEP Data Lake and capture the query results as a new dataset for use in reporting, machine learning, or for ingestion into Real-time Customer Profile. It provides customers with a rich set of SQL-based analytic capabilities to provide rich insights on customer data collected from all channels and devices.

In addition, here are some other practical applications of Query Service aside from combining AEP datasets and connecting to external data visualization tools:

  • Leverage Query Service to take a back up of AEP datasets.
  • Run pathing analysis, attribution analysis and sessionize raw data using Adobe defined functions.
  • Create new calculated attributes using existing data like creating a new calculation for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Below is the video which is uploaded on YouTube and a direct link to it.

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