Monday, June 10, 2024

PlatformCon 2024 Talk: Adobe's CI/CD Evolution: Rapid Adoption to Resilience and Scalability

Adobe's GitOps-based Flex CI/CD platform saw rapid adoption in 2023 leading to stability and scalability challenges. Learn how we're tackling these challenges and ensuring continued adoption. Released in 2022, Adobe Flex CI/CD gained momentum in early 2023. However, rapid adoption revealed challenges in Argo CD and core Kubernetes components, necessitating regulated adoption. Explore our efforts in collaboratively addressing scalability issues, stabilizing Argo CD (10k+ apps), and solidifying the Kubernetes stack for an imminent 5X scale. We'll discuss strategies for achieving widespread adoption, identifying and addressing obstacles alongside client teams, and prioritizing developer-friendly features. Lastly, we'll explore our approach to scaling support by harnessing AI capabilities to manage the escalating workload from client teams, fostering collaborative efforts in the process.

Watch the video below!