Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things that make Online Shopping Click

eCommerce is really an interesting term to talk about because it is becoming popular day by day in developing countries and is already successful in the Western world. Countries like United States and United Kingdom have setup the appropriate infrastructure for Online shopping to thrive whereas developing countries are a little behind in terms of the facilities needed for eCommerce to boom. I also wrote an article on online shopping in India. Internet speed, latest aAntivirus protection, updated spyware and malware protection, firewall protection, ground shipping etc are really important to make Online shopping successful in any country. So, it's necessary that we ensure appropriate steps are taken to secure our computer before we shop online.

Ground Shipping is another important aspect of online shopping. I was browsing and looking for some game DVDs for my cousin in India but unfortunately Amazon has a policy which doesn’t allow people to ship DVDs outside of US. So such things do go a long way in hampering the growth and popularity of online Shopping around the world but these are exceptions that will exist everywhere.

On a brighter note, a study by J.D. Power and Associates in 2006 revealed that used car buyers increased from 53 % in 2005 to 59 % in 2006. Websites like, have made it very easy for people to compare used cars online and portals like have made it a breeze for people to buy/sell cars without hassle. Another successful online shopping industry is the electronics market. Personally I have always believed in buying electronics online because I can get an in depth review of the product with detailed specs. Laptops and Digital Cameras in particular have experienced a huge Internet market as majority of the people end up buying them online because they are cheaper in comparison to retail store prices.

Other important industries gaining popularity online are Clothing, Home Decors, Perfume and Cosmetics. Websites like have made it possible for people to browse for their favorite brands in clothing. They also have the option to select the design, color of the fabric by simply sitting at home. Perfumes too fall under the same category offering consumers the option to easily select their favorite fragrance and brand. Home Decors is a booming industry in the making as shopping for these in stores is not a good idea as they might be bulky and difficult to carry so buying them online is a really good bet as they can be delivered to your home without you having to go to that crowded store.

Online shopping will continue to gain more popularity worldwide as it has more advantages than disadvantages but it will take some time for people to understand its worth in some parts of the world. I hope you like this article and please feel free to comment with your opinions.

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