Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Web Analytics as a career path

Shortly after college, I was wondering which career opportunity I should pursue. It wasn’t clear to me whether to choose a career in Networking, Databases or Quality Assurance. These 3 career options are pursued by many people and I was planning to be part of the usual crowd. But with the guidance of Anil Batra who has been in this field since 10 years, I came to know about Web Analytics.

I started learning about it by using a tool called Google Analytics which was the perfect medium to help me grasp the fundamentals of Web Analytics. Through Google Analytics I came across totally new concepts like Unique Users, Page Views and Visits. These terms and metrics really fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. It prompted me go deeper into analytics and I started reading Eric Peterson’s titles like ‘Web Analytics Demystified’ and ‘Web Site Measurement Hacks’. These books further strengthened my view about Web Analytics as a career option and I decided that this is the career option I want to pursue. Another important resource for me was the Yahoo Web Analytics group which provided me with all the information regarding the latest Web Analytics buzz. It is followed by all Web Analytics experts who often answer questions raised by other members.

I started applying for jobs all over the United States and believed that my lack of experience would not be a hurdle. I gained a lot of confidence by taking phone interviews and also went for a couple of face to face interviews. Starting as an entry level was always a challenge for me and I made up for it by showing commitment and the desire to learn to my interviewers. It was important for me to be confident and eager in spite of my lack of knowledge in this field. It was through dedication and hard work that I nailed both the interviews and had the comfort to choose the best opportunity.

Finally I would like to sum up my article by mentioning that Web Analytics is a really interesting field to be a part of. It will give you the opportunity to learn about analysis, databases and a little bit of programming. The most important contribution of Web Analytics is towards the Internet which is now looked at from a totally different business prospective.


chaitanya said...

Hi Rohan,

The post was really motivational.


Rohan Kapoor said...

Thanks for the comment, Chaitanya. Wish you all the luck for your career.

jagadeesh said...

This post is really good .